Make your equipment inspections easier and manage their maintenance.

£90ex-VAT/ month /20 subscriptions
See the pricing table

With MyInspection you get:
Unlimited inspection lists that can be configured according to your needs :
  • All key maintenance information at a glance in an API integrated portal
  • A social interaction module for greater effciency between your teams
  • More efficient maintenance activities with advanced filters
Identification of anomalies with photos using a smartphone :
  • Quick and easy inspections for your employees
  • Multiple response formats depending on the parts inspected
  • Emergency contacts indentified

Boost productivity and safety

MyInspection prevents goods from deteriorating due to damaged equipment. With information about their equipment’s maintenance, employees have greater peace of mind.

Make your equipment inspection easier

Employees carry out their inspections based on a pre-established checklist. They take as many photos as necessary for a quicker understanding. The report is immediately sent to the company.

Manage your maintenance schedule

With real-time information about work to perform, the maintenance manager schedules repair dates that are sent to employees.

2 plans suited to your needs
New versionsMyInspection ProMyInspection Expert
Core featuresYesYes
1. Unique equipment IDNEW YesYes
2. Social interaction moduleNEW YesYes
3. Multiple response formatsNEW Yes
4. Consolidate & track problemsNEW Yes
£90€ EX-VAT/MOnth
20 subscriptions
£140 EX-VAT/MOnth
20 subsciptions
Pricing matrix
Number of usersMyInspection Pro
MyInspection Expert
1 – 20£4,50£7,00
21 – 50£4,30£6,70
51 – 100£4,10£6,20
101 – 200£3,60£5,80
201 – 500£3,10£5,40
501 +£2,90£4,90

Detailed descriptions
1.Unique equipment IDs defined by the client

The client can create a defined list of equipment identification numbers.

3.Multiple response formats

Depending on the parts to inspect the employee can enter alphanumerical values, dates, select a value in a pre-defined list…

2. Social interaction module

The maintenance manager can inform the employee that they have noted the fault and provide additional information about the next steps (repair time, ordering a part). A notification icon will appear in the application next to the inspection.

4. Consolidate & track problems.

If a part that has been inspected and declared faulty in a morning inspection is reused in an inspection checklist in the afternoon it will automatically appear as faulty. This does not generate a second separate fault. The client can also consolidate the faults identified.

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